Prishtinë, Completed

2IN1 is a sustainable home that lays long and narrow in the landscape, maximizing southern exposure, while benefiting from excellent daylighting and natural ventilation. The boundaries between exterior and interiors are blurred through in-between spaces. Large windows bring in the beautiful landscape, and enhance the quality of the living and sleeping spaces. Voluminous spaces vs narrow interior circulation ways, tall vs low spaces, create thrilling dynamics when moving through the house. The house consists of the main living area for the family and the secondary house. This type of zoning the spaces allows for future various ways of occupation. Solar orientation, natural day-lighting and ventilation, passive shading, well insulated envelope, use of light-colored surfaces and materials for heat reflection, use of renewable energies such as geothermal heating and cooling are the integrated design strategies that enable this building to be very energy efficient. Use of native species for the landscape reduce the need for irrigation that is provided through onsite water well. No potable water is used for landscape irrigation.