3IN1 Home

Prishtinë, Under Construction

3IN1 Home is a proposal for a small mixed used building (live+work) for a single family, located in Veternik, Prishtine. A contemporary home that through the interplay of gardens and natural light brings an oasis of calmness. The cumaru wood façade panels that enclose the building, revealing into light screen and on the interiors, add to the natural and dynamic experience. As per client’s request, the house is to be divided in three separate living units in future, and the building is designed in a way that it could develop from home to apartments, requiring flexibility in plan and façade. Solar orientation, natural day-lighting and ventilation, passive shading, well insulated envelope, and the use of renewable energies are the integrated design strategies that enable this contemporary building to be very efficient. A recreational area is nested in the southeast side of the house, away from the street, carefully close knitted within the terraced gardens, consisting of a recreational pool and chilling area.