Brezovicë, Under Construction

BrezoCABIN is a small family home, located in the mountains of Brezovica, carefully positioned within the existing landscape while taking advantage of stunning views and the sound of flowing river. The cabin does not hinder the earth, it is delicately placed on it. While the geometry of the roof brings in the butterfly dynamic movement, the simple geometries and the local materials have a tendency to let the building be dominated by nature. The openings are carefully placed in the facades, to frame the stunning surrounding landscape views. Open floor plan, spacious and tall living and dining spaces give the feel of mountain experience that predominate human scale, in contrast to sleeping areas that are significantly smaller with lower ceiling height to give the sense of coziness and protective sleeping shelter. The interiors combine modern comfort, local materials and craftsmanship, while drawing from nature its elements, the sun, the sound of water and the wood of which it is shaped.