Ljubljana, Design Proposal

Motion vs Serenity is a single-family home designed for a young couple in Ljubljana. The house is very unique as it based on the characteristics of two very distinctive personalities, a lawyer and a pilot, creating contrasting synergies in the interiors and exteriors .
As you approach the building, the wood fa├žade reflects motion through its thin wood slats that weave in and out of the building, contrasting flat planes reflecting calmness. As you move through the building, the round windows further enhance the sense of the motion, while calm walls and floors surfaces instill balance and ultimate serenity.
The house is located in a residential medium-dense neighborhood, oriented east-west for the maximum southern exposure. There is a hierarchy of courtyards, starting from front yard, in addition to a more private relaxing area in the rear side consisting of a pool area, and an inner courtyard as a more intimate space where one can come together with oneself.