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Offices headquarters and Showrooms, Proposal! 

A dynamic complex that brings together SMART SERVICES and INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS! 

An innovative and dynamic compound, future proof by always changing to respond to time and needs!  

A dynamic complex that gives sense of moving with proposed building geometries. Innovative in a way how materials are used, the translucent glass facade that wraps the building, and creates diffused natural light  Integrated into landscape - efficient in aspect of energy usage (solar orientation, daylighting, natural ventilation, shading, energy efficient facade) 

Efficient in the aspect of water usage (green roof, site and roof rain water collection, artificial pond for irrigation and recreation, water recycling)  

Renewable energies such as solar and geothermal


The spirit of place is at the heart of everything we do! Our new project, ETNOMANIA, is a new boutique hotel coming soon in Prishtina. We have carefully treated the old existing building, while fitting out new function. The proposed contemporary intervention is inspired from the old, also intending to compliment the old. Manifestation of the precious cultural and architectural heritage is shown through interpretation of symbols, objects, and materials.