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Design stages are completed - Construction phase to start soon!

Vineyard House is located in the vineyard fields of Dukagjini Valley. A simple home, the geometries of which are inspired from linearity of vineyard patterns and shapes of grapes. An exposed concrete structure, carefully integrated into the landscape, using local materials and local craftsmanship. Local stone, exposed concrete and wood panels are contrasted with the large, white frames, windows that blur the boundaries between interiors and exteriors. This is a house for an art-collector couple; the large interior white walls of which as carefully placed in relation to the direct daylighting.

Prishtina Avant-Garde Housing Project

Prishtina Avant-Garde Housing Project proposal is in the conceptual design phase, through which we aim to push the boundaries of the local ‘conventional’ housing designs, and open up for innovation and creativity for these types of development. We aim to challenge the status quo of the local housing projects, through experimentation with new forms, materials and technologies. The believe that through avant-garde architecture we shape a more dynamic and vibrant future of our built environment.